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Hi, I'm Jiawen Yao (姚 佳雯)


I work as an interaction designer. My interests lie in exploring the synergy between the physical world and digital information and have a genuine curiosity about materials and manufacturing processes. I'm fascinated by how physical experiences can enhance people's lives. I believe that the machine and products all around us should be regarded as the extension or agents of our bodies and thoughts, rather than the other way around.



TEI 2024 Pictorial (accepted)

Jiawen Yao. Info-Motion: Using metaphor of plant in information communication In shape changing interface. Eighteenth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction. DOI:

Recent news

  • German Design Graduate Awards Exhition 2023  Hamburg, Germany

  • German Design Graduate Awards, finalist

         Project: Info-motion, In Design experiment categories, Top 3

  • DIS 23 Workshop Soft Robotics for HCI, paper presentation, Pittsburgh, USA

  • DAAD(German Academic Exchange Service) Graduation Fellowship

  • Coding IxD Digital Sovreinty Interactive Exhibition in Weizenbaum Institute 2022  Berlin, Germany

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